Betting Winning by Learning From the Experiences of Others

The football betting sage that a key to making the long-term benefits is betting on bets that punters LEAVE OUT rather than those they punted on. This can be interpreted that if you miss a good bet, you don’t lose any money ufabet ทางเข้า. On the other hand If you place a bet on the wrong bet, you are definitely some dollars down.

Some gamblers view losing as an indicator of success, much like the old saying “before success comes failure”. It is through learning from the mistakes we make that we grow as we are able to learn less of what’s wrong, and more of what’s right.

I’m fortunate to have been acquainted with a lot of the purchasers of my book and readers of my writings on football betting. They had shared their experiences and punting issues with me and have graciously allowed me to share these cases in this article. I’ve chosen to highlight five of the cases and for a clearer understanding, they will be presented in the form of Question and Answer.


Question I’ve thought of a plan that would first target some teams and then watch for any changes in the odds. For example Team A has opening odds of 2.10 but later, the odds runs down to 1.90. I will be able to conclude that something has happened to Team A and that they now be more likely of winning. Do you have a view of this strategy?

Answer A shift in the price could be due to recent team news which the bookmakers think is needed to alter the odds. Also, it could be because a huge amounts of money have been placed on one side that is a market such as the Home team, and bookmakers have to improve chances of winning for the away team in order to lure punters to bet on it so as to be able to balance their books. In this case you must determine if the price at 1.90 is of significance to you and if it is, then the market’s move should have increased your confidence in the selection.


QUESTION : I’ll start with a minimum of $5000, and then try to double it every year. I’m aware that I have to be meticulous in the analysis and research, and only bet on selections I am most confident in. I will bet around 2-5 bets each week, but I will never bet more than 3% of my bank, that is, for the first week, the total bets I will place bets is $150. I am comfortable knowing that the maximum risk is 3percent of my bank. Can my plan be backed by reality or am I just day dreaming?

ANSWER Your plan is realistic BUT it will only work if you have discipline and patience , especially when it comes to implementing the rules for managing money on the staking plan and size. The most common error committed by a lot of gamblers is to start off with a strict adherence to laid out guidelines, but then fall prey to factors like impatience and greed. When the going is rosy it’s easy to jump onto the bandwagon, deviating from the pre-set guideline and increase the stake. And when they are down, they will be caught in the danger of seeking to recover their losses. You mentioned you are wagering up to 5 bets every week. Do not take rash decisions just to meet the targeted bets. You should remain patient and WAIT for the betting options that provide you with worth.


Question I’ve been betting on accumulations (combo bets , or bets with multiple odds) for quite a while now and I haven’t earned a dime. Most of the time I have gotten the majority of my predictions accurate, but two or three choices can upset it all. I’ve always done a thorough research on my bets and do not bet on the wing. In a 9 team accumulator, I could get 8 selections just right and one poor result caused me to lose the entire game.

ANSWER : If you are able to accurately forecast 80-90 percent of the games, then most of your choices are winning predictions. It is likely that you will earn consistent profit if you have betted them individually as SINGLE bets (that is the straight bet on a single selection to be successful). If you put all of them into an accumulator of large amounts and one unforeseen outcome can end the game. You must be aware that in a match there are many unforeseeable circumstances like severe weather, red card or injuries, for example. The chances of profit for big accumulations are considerably higher than single bets however, the odds of winning are correspondingly smaller.


Q. : Is it worthwhile concentrating on arbitage (or surebets) which guarantee a profit every day , which is wonderful?

ANSWER : To be able to profit from arbitrage, you’ll need a substantial betting fund to start with since you will need to set up up accounts with a lot of bookmakers, and then make the necessary deposit in each account. Also, you will need to spend a lot of time to research what odds are offered by the numerous bookmakers. Although arbitrage betting is regarded as risk free, sometimes there are some annoying TRAPS especially when you’ve placed bets on one side of the arbitrage bet and you can’t get on the other side because :

The odds have changed

* the bookmakers impose trading limits , and you are unable to bet the amount you would like

* The bookmakers are unable to honour the price on the basis that it was a mistake


A QUESTION I usually take a look at the bookmaker’s odds first before picking my bets. But my friend who is my closest one disagrees whether this is the right option to take.

ANSWER : I agree with your friend. Do not be tempted to examine the odds in advance because it can affect your judgment and decision-making. First, you must find an appropriate selection, then work out your estimated odds. You will Then go over the bookmaker’s prices and place bets only If you can find value.


I’m sure that we’ve learned something from the previous examples of punting. Make yourself the winner and you’ll be the winner. It is an effort. Don’t get impatient and expect to earn your fortune immediately unless you are able to identify something that the majority of gamblers do not or you have been extremely fortunate. Do add this virtue called PATIENCE to your betting strategy. It can be very beneficial.


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