Bodyguard Firearms Training for Beginners

Whether you’re looking to become a celebrity or executive bodyguard. The growing market for firearms training for close protection officer’s overseas and at home is growing rapidly.How London Bodyguards Provides Personal Protection for VIPs and Employees –  GREENLANE DIARY

In order to do your job in a safe and efficient way you must have the proper firearms training. There are many of classes and training courses probably so many you have no idea about where to start.

The more firearm training and international bodyguard services experience you have, the better. There are many firearm techniques you will learn. Always keep yourself updated with the newest techniques and training, never think you have learned enough.

The best bodyguard is the one always learning and applying it to their craft. If you have never fired a weapon before, do not be scared. Do not take firearm training lightly. Always be alert and practice firearm safety.

First I will go through some of the steps and skills you will learn in firearm training.

Safety – safe weapon handling, weapon familiarization, how to properly

secure and carry your weapon concealed and not concealed.

Principles of shooting – proper stance, grip, trigger control, multiple

shooting positions, sight view

Make Ready / Load – load and re-load weapon, loading under pressure

Pistol Shooting – various distances, single and multiple targets, timed targets,

holstered and unholstered

Hip Shooting – quick and right for emergencies

Exfil Shooting – protecting one principle

Cover and Movement – using cover to maximize your infill and exfils

These are the basic firearm training skills you will need to master. Now let’s go over in detail why these are important to learn.

Safety – Weapon safety is a given rule. Don’t put someone else’s life or your own at risk due to stupidity. You will become familiar with your weapon like it is second nature. You will learn how to handle, clean, and take your weapon apart and re-assemble it. You will learn the proper way to clear a miss fire. Most guns have safety switches learn how to use it.

You must learn how to properly secure your weapon while carrying a weapon under concealment and non concealed.

Principles of shooting – The basic principles of shooting will be acquired before progressing. Proper stance, grip, trigger control and sight acquisition are the basic skills that will produce the groundwork for a seasoned firearms expert.

Learning basic shooting positions (ex. crouched, one knee, laying down) will familiarize you with the way you shoot from various positions. Ultimately to become a bodyguard you have to able to affectively engage your threats in all positions and circumstances.

Make Ready / Load – Loading and re-loading a weapon is a basic firearm skill. Loading and re-loading a weapon quickly and while under duress is an absolute skill required. You have to be able to stay calm and collective in any situation. You cant fumble your new clip while re-loading, this could be the matter of life and death.

Pistol Shooting – Now after learning firearm basics, you can begin to start shooting. Shooting with your sidearm from various distances, single and multiple targets and engaging your targets in a timed field. You will learn how to accurately gauge the distance of a threat. Threats will be at all distances and angles.

Being able to engage multiple threats at once and engage them simultaneously will be taught. Practicing with timed targets will make you comfortable with shooting while under pressure.You must be able to protect your client from all angles, multiple threats and in a timely manner.

Hip Shooting – If you’re in a situation where you have to absolutely shoot within a split second. This training will teach you how to shoot from your hip. This should only be used in a case of an emergency.

Exfil Shooting – If you’re in a situation where you must give an exit for your client, team or cargo. You have to shoot while moving and be able to react in a way you will need to use any means necessary for cover. This not only includes shooting while on your feet. But, also engaging your threats from a moving vehicle. This leads into our next step of training.

Cover and Movement – Using cover to maximize you entry and exits is key to your movement. While your engaged by a threat you’re not going to stand in the wide open and shoot. You have to learn how to use your natural environments cover to your needs.

There will be plenty more training after these basic skills are learned. Remember never stop progressing in your bodyguard training.


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