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Working at Google may seem like a dream job, and for many it is! With a creative and fun working environment, a team-minded approach, on-site massage, doctor and yoga instructor and even complementary free snacks throughout the day it’s no surprise Google has one of the highest employee retention rate for any major company. But as the company continues to grow, so does the number of

employees. Employment opportunities at Google are on the rise with openings at headquarters in California and satellite branches across the fifty states. Google even has offices across the globe, so no Buy Google Reviews matter what location you are in; chances are there is a Google location near you! But how do you get a job with Google and what types of positions are the hiring for? Continue reading to find out fun and informative facts about employment opportunities at Google!

Google started out in 1998 as a small privately held company. From the core of its creation, Google’s mission has been to organize all of the world’s information while making it accessible to people everywhere. Within the first several years Google grew from a small idea into a worldwide phenomenon, quickly rising to the number one search engine in the world. As Google expanded so did its headquarters, eventually moving from a small office to it’s current headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company began offering more services than just use as a search engine including photo finder, word processing applications, email and instant messaging. The company went from only having several workers to several thousands. In the next five years employment opportunities at Google continued to grow, and the company now has over thirty thousand workers throughout the world!

Google has remained an unconventional company of sorts. It’s aim is to give the Google user access to endless information at their finger tips while tailoring their search to give results best suited to them, their immediate wants and need. While Google is known for being very customer service oriented, they are just as well known for treating their employees like gold. It’s no wonder employment opportunities at Google are so highly sought after. They believe in a mutual “work and play” approach. You won’t find stuffy offices and cramped quarters. Instead of couches or chairs in their lobby, as you walk through their entry way you will find a

massive rotunda filled with beanbag cheers and happy employees working together in groups planning their next team project. Colorful modern artwork fills their office. During breaks innovative employees head to the cafeteria where a gourmet chef prepares all meals and snacks, keeping the menu versatile yet healthy. Another perk of being an employee is all meals are one hundred percent free! How could you not want to find out abut employment opportunities at Google with all the wonderful additions to the job!

Google employs many different types of people and recruits for many interesting positions. From engineers to customer service agents, employment opportunities at Google are diverse. Benefit packages are bountiful and can be tailored to meet individual needs. Google offers 401K, which is matched by the company and stock options. Not only do they offer maternity leave, but expectant dads are also given paid paternity absence as well! Google feels that the best motivator is appreciation and they aim to keep their employees happy. This type of company ethic drives hundreds of people to look into employment opportunities at Google each year.

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