Airsoft Guns

 Airsoft Guns


What are airsoft guns ?

Airsoft guns are realistic-looking toy guns that fire small plastic BBs to ranges of 25 to 45m at speeds of around 75 – 100  .458 socom ammo meters per second. Airsoft game is a paintball-like team game that’s originally come out of Japan.

Most airsoft weapons come with hop-up and come in three basic types:

1) Springers – manually cock the firing spring before each shot is required.

2) Gas – use compressed gas to propel BBs .

3) Electric – the most popular and the hottest automatic weapons that use a motor to push back the spring between shots with a rate of fire of up to 1000 rounds per minute . Good for both of experts and beginners , especially for beginners .

There are so many different types of guns to be used in paintball. There are electric guns and airsoft guns. But there are so many different brands of guns to choose from, how do you know which ones to choose. One style of gun is the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 3rd Generation Airsoft. This is a gas blowback air pistol. This air soft gun looks like a real pistol. It is an accurate pistol that looks very, very real. Another real looking gun is from the company CYMA, you can get these guns in Machine Markers, Assault rifles, Sub Machine Markers and even a James Bond Pistol. These are just a few of the air soft rifles.

Some of these markers are cheap gas and electric air soft guns. These guns are for those beginner players that are just starting out. The more experienced players play with markers that cost anywhere from $ 400 to $ 2000 plus. The experienced players take the game much more seriously, they are weekend players and tournament players not a once a month player. They know what it is like to get hit with a paintball or a BB and they don’t mind because their adrenaline is pumping and they can’t feel it. That is a true player.

ICS is another name brand of air soft markers. There is the ICS MP5 A4 is a AEG. This markers is made from metal and you can use one battery charge all day. The starter pack comes with the marker, the battery, the charger and a 3700 rounds of BB’s. The ICS CAR97 with LE Stock. This gun has a full metal body with a reinforced barrel. It can carry 400 round magazine, it is a great gun for the advanced player.

The UTG which stands for Under the Gun. This air soft brand is run by the company leapers. The UTG line is not for kids or beginners. These are hard core markers. The Accushot Competition Shadow has the Ultimate Bolt Action Airsoft Spring Rifle. The marker comes with a spare magazine, tactical sniper rifle sniper with an effective long range shooting. These guns are not toys they should be left for tournament players only.



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