Get the Support You Need With the Ahh Bra

Why continue to wrestle with archaic under wire bras that pinch, bind, chafe and bulge when you can get the support you need with the revolutionary new Ahh Bra? The Ahh Bra, made by Rhonda Shear, 胸圍推介 provides every shape and size ample comfort and allows you to create great looks with any outfit.

The Ahh Bra, also called “The Original Comfortable Functional Fashion Bra,” promises to fit you perfectly, even if you gain or lose weight. This amazing bra is also machine-washable, so you no longer have to worry about ruining your bras!

This information guide will help you to learn more about this new, revolutionary bra that gives you the support you need, allows you versatility with your wardrobe and, unlike other bras on the market, is easy to buy and incredibly affordable. Once you go Ahh Bra, you’ll never turn back!

Ahh Bra Basics

The Ahh Bra has people all over the world collectively sighing in relief. No longer do you need to suffer through buying another overpriced bra that stretches, pulls, fades, provides little to no comfort and is a chore to wash. The Ahh Bra is machine-washable and can even be put in the dryer without warping or losing its shape. In addition, the Ahh Bra will not bleed or fade with multiple washes.

Machine-washable and dryer-safe, the Bra consists of knitted spandex and a nylon blend fabric that allows this amazing bra to keep its shape, form and color. Plain and simple, the Bra is a seamless microfiber pullover with superior support that features soft, full coverage cups, ultra wide comfort straps and a ribbed band for a cozy fit you’ll love.

A Bra that Makes You Go, “Ahh”

When thinking of the word “discomfort,” some other terms that come to mind are: hooks, straps and wires. With new technology, however, bras no longer have to feel like torture. The amazing Bra eliminates discomfort, unsightly rolls and bra lines forever. The Bra allows you to look confident and to look firm and beautiful with the ultimate support and comfort.

The Ahh Bra is made with only the finest materials to ensure maximum quality and longevity. Specifically, the Ahh Bra is made of 96% premium nylon and 4% spandex with four-way knitted fabric and weaving instead of wire construction, all of which results in the most comfortable bra on the market right now.

Also, the Ahh Bra allows you to enhance your figure without sacrificing your comfort, as it hugs your curves and gives you a smooth, line-free appearance under any outfit in your wardrobe. You no longer need to worry about embarrassing rolls, bumps or bulges, because the Ahh Bra’s seamless fit provides discreet support for every shape.

How to Pick the Perfect Ahh Bra

The Bra makes it easy for you to find the absolute perfect fit-you only need to know your shirt size. The Ahh Bra’s makers know that it’s a pain to measure your bust size, especially for those who fluctuate in weight. So, shop your top! If you know your shirt size, you know your bra size, from extra small to 4X. Finally, the Bra guarantees to fit you perfectly, as it even stretches, so you’re guaranteed to find the bra that fits without ever stepping foot in the dressing room.

The Ahh Bra is extremely simple to put on. Just step into it or pull it over your head. The stretchable material lets you to comfortably wear the Bra without having to worry about popping seams or losing your shape.

The Ahh Bra: Best in the World

Over 5 million Bras have sold so far. People all around the world have discovered the comfort and versatility of this amazing new undergarment. People of all ages, shapes and sizes love the Bra because its breakthrough seamless design conforms to every single unique shape and of course, offers you endless style options.

Designed as the ultimate comfort leisure bra, the Bra is light weight and offers you a superior fit through a wide band under the bust and soft center front, as well as side-ruching. Unlike other bras, you can even get extra support and shape by wearing two Bras!

Isn’t it the time to get the support you need with the Bra? Imagine: no more straps or hooks means you can enjoy your new comfort and look incredible.

Remember, the Bra instantly transforms your appearance without bra lines, so no more wires, clips, hooks or straps to adjust. The Bra has seamless microfiber that is easy to pull over and features soft, full coverage cups with a V-neck design and wide shoulder straps. Don’t miss out on feeling better than ever: get your own set of Bras today!



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