It’s hard to define what makes a beautiful face. Certain aspects like eyes, lips, and cheekbones tend to be the most important aspects. The scientific community has found the answer to facial symmetry. However, many photographers disagree.

Nigel Parry who works for Vogue and has photographed famous faces such as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow feels beauty resides in imperfection. He believes that what makes a face beautiful “NAD Facial Cream Cosmetics”  is something different. Features which Parry cites as important include eyebrows that are not even and large eyes.

George Zimbel who photographed Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe says there is no rhyme or reason to beauty. He admits it’s the personality that usually makes beauty pop.

Patrick McMullen who has worked with Nikki Taylor, Kate Moss, Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Hurley Michelle Pfeiffer says that Pfeiffer is his top beauty. He also mentions Roberts and Hurley however he says Pfeiffer’s style is breathtaking.

The CEO of Ford Models, Katie Ford is in agreement with scientists in that symmetry is crucial. When scouting, she looks at eyes, nose and the symmetry of her lips first. But, she recognizes individuality and believes that an edge is necessary to make it in the fashion industry.

Researchers believe that the perfect face can be created. Using a complex set of maths and calculations, they claim that a mathematical formula could be the answer. They cite research they conducted which revealed that the most well-symmetrical faces were able to lose its virginity earlier. They conclude the more symmetrical your facial features, the more attractive you will be.

But, these calculations are not followed by the medical or fashion industries. These measures are considered as a loose guideline for proportion. Balance and harmony are the leading concerns. A plastic surgeon and professor at the University of Iowa, John Canady warns the human body isn’t static. It’s always stretching and moving. Therefore, a strictly mathematical formula isn’t appropriate. Plastic surgery is not just a science but an art as well.

What’s beautiful on the inside does show on the outside. If people are content well, and in good health, they shine and appear lively. Most people think that smiling more attractive than a frown.

Beauty in large part is a matter of the perspective. Different cultures value different features. In particular, as diversity grows, there will be more variety of what is called beautiful.